TEIXIDORS, Sustainable Brand Aesthetics
TEIXIDORS, Sustainable Brand Aesthetics

The Spanish town of Terrassa once enjoyed its status as the textile hub of Catalonia, an industry that was muscled out with the onslaught of globalisation.

teixidors-sustainable-brand-aesthetics teixidors-sustainable-brand-aesthetics
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However, Spanish firm Teixidors is reviving the town’s artisanal past. Producing lifestyle products and home-wares that are all hand woven, the company have found a loyal global following for their refined rustic look that spans sheets, throws, cushions and blankets hand-woven from the finest linen, cotton, silk, cashmere, merino and even yak. The company also has a line made from ecological merino wool that only uses vegetable dyes.

Founded in 1983, Teixidors has become synonymous with the exquisite quality of its natural fabrics and gives credit to its meticulously selected suppliers. “We only use natural materials and source from specialists with a story to tell. Our merino wool comes from a small farm in France that has only 2,000 sheep and supplies exclusively to us,” says Export Manager Sofia Agerberth. This painstaking approach is inherent in each step of Teixidors’ production process. Fabrics are all hand-woven by a small army of 32 weavers, each of who have undergone at least five years of training on the factory’s 22 wooden looms. At Teixidors, manufacturing on the factory floor isn’t a case of just pushing a button on a machine, it is a drawn-out process where the yarns are first spun, then threaded, woven, washed, ironed and cut after which they undergo a thorough checking process - some fabrics can take up to a staggering 10 days to produce a mere 60m.

Established by husband and wife team Juan Ruiz and former social worker Marta Ribas, the company is run as a co-operative with a strong social conscience that employs a workforce of people with mild to severe learning difficulties. Their responsible approach to consumerism coupled with the exquisite quality of items such as their Hydra range of throws made from a merino and silk blend have thrust them into the international spotlight. “There’s a lot of work that goes into making our products and the quality is something you rarely find,” says Ruiz. We couldn’t agree more.



teixidors-sustainable-brand-aesthetics teixidors-sustainable-brand-aesthetics
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