Creating the most luxurious
duvets in the world


Imagine boarding the Orient Express and slipping into a bed so comfortable and soft that you never want to get out of bed…..with bedding that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Norvegr, the duvet of choice for the Orient Express and Belmond Hotels, has been perfecting the art of luxurious comfort since the 1950’s carrying on ancient Norwegian traditions stemming back to the Viking ages. Stocked with feathers and precious down, the Viking traders were welcomed by the Nobility who knew that these merchant goods were not only hard to obtain, but of exceptional quality. They knew that artic seabirds develop the best down to insulate their small bodies against the bitterly cold polar nights, just as artic mammals develop the warmest pelts. And as bluebloods themselves, they demanded only the warmest and the very best.

We sit down with Nils Henrik Stene from Norvegr to talk about what makes these duvets the most coveted in the world.

Hand picked from abandoned nests and hand cleaned

“Only once a year, we travel up north to the Norwegian Island of Svalbard (where the eider ducks are cared for by the locals) to harvest the feathers from abandoned nests for our Eiderdown Collection,” comments Stene. Norway has actively worked to protect the natural habitats of wild ducks and geese, allowing only one harvest a year. Added Stene, “We travel to the natural habitat to hand harvest the feathers from the abandoned nests.” Each nest yields only 15-20 grams of down (picked by hand) meaning that Eiderdown harvesting is completely sustainable and no harm is done to the birds. Then, these hand-picked feathers are carefully washed, taking one week to wash 1 kg of eiderdown harvested from 60 nests. The hand picking and hand cleaning is essential in preserving the unique properties of the eiderdown, resulting in the most luxurious and soft duvets in the world. Annual production is limited to only 100 duvets per year, making this truly a Norwegian national treasure.

Down vs feathers

“First, I would like to start by explaining the difference between down and feathers, explains Stene. “Many people think that down and feathers are the same thereby usually interchanging the terms when looking for duvets and pillows. However they perform quite differently. “

Down is found underneath the feathers. Most down grows on the bird’s chest. While a feather is flat, a piece of down is shaped like a ball and contains a lot of air. Unlike a feather, down does not have a quill shaft, but instead a fixed central point from where the barbs spread outwards. Therefore, down consists of small air passage systems, and this is what insulates your body against both cold and warm temperatures. A feather does not have air passage systems, as it is flat. When you fill feathers in a duvet, combined, they will create a barrier that the air will have a hard time passing through. Additionally, you need much more feathers than down to fill a duvet, so it will be heavy. A duvet filled with down is light and insulates and regulates temperature and moisture far better.


There are many reasons why this material has been coveted for so long. The down comes only from the female eider, who plucks it from her own breast to feather her nest. Whenever she needs to wander down to the sea to feed, she simply spreads a little down over her eggs. This is enough to keep them warm for the entire day… tribute enough to the unique insulating properties of this material.

“Eiderdown is different from any other kind of down… Place a little eiderdown in your hand and the warmth will soon spread, and the down will expand. Hold up a ball of eiderdown in the air, and nothing falls away,” reflected Stene.

Eiderdown does not have a quill shaft, but instead has a fixed central point from which the barbs spread outwards. Small hooks at the end of the barbs make the down stick together. This also makes the down very hardwearing, because there are no quills to break; there are eiderdown duvets that have been in use for more than 100 years.

Family Traditions

“At Norvegr, we make our duvets based on a sixty year-old family formula, commented Stene. “We never use any feathers, but only 100 % down, and only the best down. A special casing construction with narrow channels is the Norvegr signature.” Combined with high quality down consisting of unusually large down pearls, this allows Norvegr to achieve the necessary volumes and fluffiness in our duvets with the smallest amount of filling. The high fill power of the down qualities Norvegr uses allows it to achieve the necessary volumes and fluffiness in the duvets with the smallest amount of filling.”

Due to its special formula, Norvegr duvets are able to contain a large amount of air, circulating inside of them. This ensures against the cold, but also allows excess body warmth and moisture to leave the duvet freely, leaving you dry and comfortable. Norvegr duvets will create a microclimate around your body, regulating the temperature to your own comfortable body temperature. Their unusually low weight also allows for air between the duvet and your body, providing a cooling sensation in hot climates. With old-fashioned duvets, that are thick and heavy, this would not be possible.

Norvegr duvets are made as summer duvets, all year duvets, winter duvets and polar duvets, to be able to cope with all climates and temperatures. The insulation, moisture transportation and temperature regulating abilities are unsurpassed by any other product.

10 Year Guarantee…Send them back to us and we will clean and restore them like new

All Norvegr down duvets come with a ten-year guarantee. However, because of the down’s fantastic abilities to regain its shape, and the durability of the most exclusive qualities, the down will last for decades when treated the right way. Therefore, if you invest in Norvegr down products, your duvets and pillows will potentially remain with you for a long, long time. After seven to ten years, we recommend that you send your duvets and pillows back to us. Our service department will open them, steam clean and dry the contents, replace the cotton casings and add new down if needed. Afterwards, they will be as good as new and we also extend the warranty on the duvet for another ten years. The process is one third of the respective products’ retail prices at the time of the restoration.

Natural, organic, and beautifully tailored. I might just have to sleep on that.

Bespoke Duvets from Esensualliving

Sometimes couples want to share a duvet but have different preferences. With a bespoke duvet with Esensualliving, Norvegr can fill double duvets with two different weights so that one side is cooler while the other is warmer. This makes it possible to have a duvet that has one side summer and one side all year weight, or one side all year and one side winter weight.


The material

Norvegr duvet and pillow casings are made in the finest batiste from 100 % pure Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 329. This fabric meets our stringent requirements and is woven in a way that allows the down to breathe. It is impervious to down. The quality is woven to give the user a maximum of comfort, with a beautiful finish.


The construction

Norvegr only makes channel constructed duvets, a family tradition for over fifty years. Channel style duvets wrap better around your body both length and widthwise, and will not let the air in the room in under your duvet. This kind of construction requires a high quality of down, for the down to stay in place inside the duvet. We often see that box stitched duvets camouflage a lower quality down, since the construction gives it less space to move around. Channel constructed duvets allow for the air to circulate freely inside the duvet since there are no cross going seams preventing the flow, which would be the case for box stitched duvets. The air insulates and also lets the down transport humidity away from your body during the night.

Duvets are often made with an outside seam and a decorative piping to hide it. Our duvets are made without outside seams. No stitching goes all the way through the duvet casing between the channels. Instead, there are 2,5 or 4 cm walls sewn between them. With no outside seams, and walls between the channels the down fills the duvets better. The duvets are equally thick all over and feel more comfortable against your body, with no irritating seems or piping brushing at your skin.

Hardly any material from nature has the same insulating capabilities as down, and this is beneficial in both cold and warm climates. In addition to keeping you nice and warm during the night in cold temperatures, it also keeps the warmth away from your body in warm temperatures.

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