Denis Colomb Lifestyle
Denis Colomb Lifestyle
Preserving Hand Woven Luxury
from Nepal With a Social Purpose

“Hamptonites snap up these feather-light Nepalese cashmere throws by this LA-based designer faster than shingle-style homes”
New York Times T Magazine

A tall, soft spoken man with a kind smile and a twinkle in his eye, Denis Colomb moves silently around the showroom like a large cat, running his fingers with obvious pleasure over a display of soft, sensuous throws, scarfs and blankets, all in subtle tones. His designs of subtle, organic, hand woven luxury has taken the market by storm with a loyal following on both coasts and now in Europe. We catch him on a short stop to Paris where he presents his collections four times a year together with his wife, the renowed photographer Erica Lennard. We sit down with him to talk about the brand and giving back by supporting local craftsmanship and the local community.

Founded in 2004, the subtle palette and superb quality of their scarves and shawls have created a cult following among the sophisticated traveller such as Haider Ackermann – the Paris-based fashion designer - to Carolina Irving – the NY-based textile expert – to Victoria Brynner – the LA-based producer.

Colomb discovered Nepal during his world travels and felt both a love and commitment to the country. “Everything started very naturally in Nepal,” reflects Colomb. “A friend of mine introduced me to some Tibetan weavers in Kathmandu to create a rug collection that was introduced at the Neotu gallery in 1995. I then decided to design my own cashmere throws and blankets and later added sweaters and apparel.” Today, he designs four collections: two for men, two for women and his growing Home Collection of luxurious throws and travel sets, featured on
Denis Colomb Lifestyle Denis Colomb Lifestyle  
A decade of frequent trips to Nepal established a deep appreciation for the know-how of the artisans, their ancestral techniques and fine artistry. He also won their trust. Each of the six workshops he established has a speciality of its own and a different way of weaving.

One can say that Denis Colomb is a man with a mission. “I spend at least three months a year in Nepal. I enjoy my stays there where I follow the different steps of production to the very end, working on a daily basis with my weavers. Their strong spirituality is very inspiring. And, yes, my mission is to keep alive the ancestral ways of handloom, using no machines at all.” Denis Colomb's commitment to the process of hand woven luxury gives the throws a unique softness and light feel which has gained it a loyal following.

Denis Colomb's vision allows the artisans, their teams, and their families to stay together in their environment and homes by providing much-needed financial support in their communities. Supporting local craftsman and communities are hallmarks of the brand. This became especially important following the devastating earthquakes that rocked Nepal in 2015 and again in 2017 which destroyed much of the local infrastructure. Despite the overwhelming destruction, Denis Colomb remained committed to the region and it's subsequent rebirth.

Organic and unique craftsmanship starts with the finest Mongolian cashmere and Yak wool sourced directly from local nomads. The Gobi Dessert, where much of the materials are sourced, can be blistering cold meaning that the goats have exceptionally long and dense coats. Once at the workshops, the wool is combed and the threads hand spun, dyed, and hand woven on looms specially built for the process. With the skills of a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Colomb inspects the finishing touches of each product to ensure perfection.
“I love to experiment with new techniques and new yarns such as yak and cotton or silk,” comments Colomb. “My collections are small because of the process. My goal is to offer what I think contemporary luxury should be: timeless, simple, rare and exclusive.”

Denis Colomb's Home Collections come in exquisite 8 ply blankets blankets, 2 ply cashmere and silk throws, camel hair, and yak in a rainbow set of colours to penetrate the homes of a discerning clientele….a unique experience that opens unto an intense world of well being and ultimate comfort.

Transport yourself to the mystery of the Nepal’s Himalayas with the Denis Colomb Lifestyle Collection of luxurious throws only at
Denis Colomb Lifestyle Denis Colomb Lifestyle  
Denis Colomb Lifestyle Denis Colomb Lifestyle

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