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    In the Atelier with Petit h’s Pascale Mussard

    If Hermès represents the beauty of Parisian perfectionism, then Petit h, the house’s fledgling métier offshoot, led by creative visionary Pascale Mussard, is all about the beauty of imperfections.

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    TEIXIDORS, Sustainable Brand Aesthetics

    The Spanish town of Terrassa once enjoyed its status as the textile hub of Catalonia, an industry that was muscled out with the onslaught of globalisation.

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    Let the Spirit of the Travelling CARAVANE Enter Your Home

    Caravane is a magic name that fits a very unique brand. Since its founding in 1995 by François Dorget, Caravane has provided to lifestyle connoisseurs new and exciting treasures, melding a cosmopolitan approach of decoration to a sense of timeless elegance.

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    HAINSWORTH, Symbol of Quality and Longevity

    Textile manufacturer Hainsworth is the quintessential British heritage brand, family-owned with a backstory that begins in the 18th century, survives a fire, a flood, and spans seven generations.

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    British Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

    “There is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere” - Vivienne Westwood

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    Francesca Mill’s London

    "There’s an enormous creative energy here, which manifests itself in fashion, music and art. It’s the fact that it’s all out there, and even if you’re short of time, then a quick window shop as you’re on the way to a meeting lifts the soul!"

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