LISSOY, Functional Yet Ultra Elegant Bed Linens
LISSOY, Functional Yet Ultra Elegant Bed Linens

Intelligent inventions often evolve from attempts to solve everyday challenges.

Take for instance French textile brand Lissoy’s Easyclip duvet cover, an innovative product, which offers a practical solution to a stylish and unique product, and in doing so, marks the end of battling with duvets and duvet covers forever…

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Courtesy of Lissoy

 “I’d had enough of sweating through making my bed,” confesses Lissoy CEO Jacky Huard.  Over his coffee one morning, Huard came up with an original idea that has set his brand apart.

“By making the cover out of two flat panels, I would be able to lay the duvet in between easily. The question was how to prevent it from slipping out?”

After much thought, Huard decided that fastening the two panels together down each side was the answer and set about making his first model from paper, sticking it together with scotch tape.

The result is Lissoy’s unique Easyclip concept of interchangeable fabric panels that clip together, an example of great, accessible design that ticks the box for both practicality and style.

Each panel is bought separately and with a total of three panels you have as many as two duvet cover styles. For a chic Winter look combine the mustard and elegant Prince of Wales check and for a more subdued look you can combine the natural and mustard. Add a square or a rectangular pillow to complete the look and you’ll be won over by how easily all the elements effortlessly piece together for a stunning bedroom aesthetic.

The Easyclip concept came to life in Vitré, a small town near Rennes in Brittany. Strongly committed to sustainable economy, Huard makes the majority his collection from 100% linen. Some are a mix of cotton and linen that comes from flax, a 100% recyclable and biodegradable fibre that grows naturally in Western Europe, with no impact on the environment.

“When I started the company, linen was an obvious choice as it is one of the most perfect, traditional textiles in the sustainable field,” says Huard.

“Production zones, which are 80% located in Northern France, allow us to deliver a finished product that is 100% European and is beneficial to its users,” he adds.
Linen is allergy free, easy to upkeep and has the ability to absorb humidity while remaining fresh and dry. Washing it only makes it softer and more comfortable and above all, part of a the rustic chic look, which has become Easyclip’s trademark and won the press over.

Esensual Living carries Lissoy’s bed linen range. Ranging from square and rectangular Easyclip pillows cases to bed duvet panels to small decorative cushions, all manufactured at the brand’s own mills. With its sublime colour range in mustard, natural and checks, the palette mixes delicate and strong tones for a discreetly contemporary aesthetic that will transform your space.

“I have fallen in love with linen because of its natural beauty and comfort. I also feel this choice underlines my concern about ecology.”
With the fields and mills located close to one another, Lissoy is able to reduce the impact that packaging has on the environment.
“We work exclusively with units that respect environmental norms,” adds Huard.
Timeless and authentic, Lissoy’s design integrity fits harmoniously with Esensual Living’s “green” philosophy, solidifying its place among the contemporary lifestyle brands that we love.

lissoy-an-exemple-of-practical-and-elegant-aesthetics lissoy-an-exemple-of-practical-and-elegant-aesthetics
Caroline Menne


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