LIBECO, Dream Linens For All Seasons
LIBECO, Dream Linens For All Seasons
libeco-dream-linens-for-all-seasons libeco-dream-linens-for-all-seasons
Courtesy of Libeco

“ Libeco’s mission is to strongly endorse the sustainable fiber of flax, the craftsmanship of our artisans and the timelessness of our refined home products.” 

Libeco CEO Raymond Libeert

Nestled between Bruges and the French border in western Belgium is the small rural town of Meulebeke, home to a population of 10,000 along with one of the finest purveyors of quality linen products in the world.

Libeco is the home textile arm of celebrated linen manufacturer Libeco-Lagae, the Belgian Warrant holder based in Flanders, whose legacy of growing and transforming flax into superior linen textiles dates back to 1858.

With a unique flair for subtle and unique colour combinations, Libeco’s impressive range of bed linen and sumptuous towels – available at Esensual Living – are an elegant and durable addition to any chalet, country house or urban dwelling, epitomising the understated luxury we all love.



Libeco’s beautifully designed bed linen range is sophisticated and discretely stylish. Take for instance, the denim blue ruffled Wyoming pillowcases mixed in with the delicately striped Monterey duvet cover and pillowcases in light blue, ecru and light burnt orange, instantly transform a bedroom.

Or the Baden towel range, in ecru and light gazelle, is not only elegant, but possesses a capacity for high absorption due to the unique fiber combination – testimony to Libeco’s wonderful intermingling of creativity and innovation.

Moreover Libeco’s approach to lifestyle is totally in tune with Esensual Living’s sensitivity to organic and noble materials.

From the seed to the final product, Libeco’s priority is to respect the environment, a guarantee that today’s discerning consumers can’t get enough of.

On the up side, flax is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and grows naturally with very little fertilizer and without the need for irrigation, making the process gentle on the land. Flanders is known for its ideal climate and a landscape that is crisscrossed with natural waterways, perfectly suited to flax growing.

Furthermore, Libeco has worked hard to develop an industrial process of spinning and weaving that has very little impact on the environment, for instance, using natural gas, which doesn’t pollute the air, as its principle source of energy.

Another step towards ecological rectitude has been to treat on site the water necessary for the washing, bleaching and dying.

While Lagae Linen first opened its doors as a manufacturer of fine cambric and handkerchiefs in 1858, Libeco started as a warehouse for pure linen fabrics six years later.  The two heritage brands joined forces in 1997.

libeco-dream-linens-for-all-seasons libeco-dream-linens-for-all-seasons
Courtesy of Libeco

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