HAINSWORTH, Symbol of Quality and Longevity
HAINSWORTH, Symbol of Quality and Longevity

Textile manufacturer Hainsworth is the quintessential British heritage brand, family-owned with a backstory that begins in the 18th century, survives a fire, a flood, and spans seven generations.

hainsworth-a-symbol-of-quality-and-longevity hainsworth-a-symbol-of-quality-and-longevity
Courtesy of Hainsworth

Founded in Yorkshire in 1783, Hainsworth’s high quality fabric is recognised as the benchmark of cloth making, synonymous with several of Britain’s most historical events.

Since the Battle of Waterloo, Hainsworth’s protective military fabric has clothed soldiers and officers in both ceremony and battle. It is famous for the iconic red cloth worn by the Queens Guards at Buckingham Palace and captured a worldwide audience of more than two billion when Prince William dressed in it on his wedding day.

With 230 years of expertise under its belt, Hainsworth is also credited for creating fine interior fabrics and soft furnishings for Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, earning the brand a Royal Warrant.

Hainsworth’s collection of superior wool products – including the irresistible Vivid Living range of light merino wool blankets, available now in vibrant orange and apple green at esensualliving.com - is testimony to the brand’s unerring quest for quality.

Its legacy, however, has not been without challenges.
During the second half of the 20th century, popularity for wool plummeted in favour of man-made fibres, followed by a disastrous period for British manufacturing, which saw many competitors fold.

Traditional craftsmanship, combined with excellent innovation and product development, is key to its endurance. From adorning casino tables in Vegas, furnishing palaces across Europe and the Middle East, clothing fire fighters and police around the globe, to outfitting Hollywood stars on the big screen and supplying luxury blankets to the Vatican, its sheer range of product lines are evidence of the brand’s vision and ability to move with the times.

With a global reach that is ever expanding, Hainsworth has come a long way from its humble beginnings of horses, carts, handlooms and steam power.
As well it has emerged as a truly versatile, entirely British-made brand that is deeply imbedded in the nation’s culture.

What other brand can claim to have been present at the Crimean War, the Great Exhibition of 1851, the Queens Coronation in 1953, as well as appearing in Harry Potter films and being a permanent fixture in the House of Lords in the form of the Woolsack seat for the Speaker of the House?

In the end it is all about lasting quality. 

hainsworth-a-symbol-of-quality-and-longevity hainsworth-a-symbol-of-quality-and-longevity
Courtesy of Hainsworth

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