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Asian Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

Esensual Living’s September issue shines the spotlight on Asia, the multi-cultural, multi-faceted continent that has become a benchmark of intelligent, refined and innovative design. 

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As the largest of the seven continents and home to 48 countries, Asia is a wonderful melting pot of values, attitudes and beliefs, deeply rooted in tradition, family, respect and honour. For decades it has been the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. Throw in the mix an ever-expanding rapid exchange of ideas between the East and West, our new generation of technologically literate designers and artists coming out of Asia today are blurring the boundaries, blending Asian culture with western style, in a way that we have never seen before.

In this month’s issue, our Style Visionaries discuss how a profound affinity for nature, coupled with centuries of history and traditional crafts, makes contemporary Asian design exceptional. Fascinated by how East meets West in a creative sense, we asked the following three key questions:

1. Which Asian craft or practice do you most admire?

2. Do Asian symbols hold significance in your work and life? Do you incorporate Feng Sui into your design?

3. Do you have one particular personality from the Asian continent that has inspired you work?


Summer Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

In The Summer Issue, our global style makers are enjoying a well-deserved summer break. At Esensual Living, we have followed them to the beach, their villa, their yacht and to the mountains, to capture those rare moments of peace, where one can decide to do simple things for oneself… such as emptying a linen closet.. and filling it up with cool sheets and soft towels from Esensual Living… or reading that book that has laid unopened for months… in short, purely enjoying time off the clock..

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To discover how our Style Visionaries like to unwind, we asked them three key questions: 


1. What is your favourite destination for a summer break? 


2. What are the summer Esensuals that you pack in your suitcase?


3. What is your fondest holiday memory?

British Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

“There is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere” - Vivienne Westwood

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In our fifth issue, Esensual Living explores what it is about Great Britain and its capital that continues to attract the greatest minds and talent from across the world and how its blossoming multiculturalism has added to its eclectic fusion of high and popular culture.


Oriental Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

Esensual Living here embraces the global style-makers whose inspiration is derived from the multifaceted cultures of the Mediterranean. Born in Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkey, but also in the US, they are the architects of a new design landscape based on their own heritage or their fascination with these legendary shores.

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We asked the following four key questions:

1. How does your Oriental heritage inspire your work? How do you interpret this in your design?

2. Is there a strong contemporary current in the Middle Eastern design landscape?

3. Which Oriental personality has marked your design philosophy? And why?

4. When travelling to the Middle East, what favourite treasures do you bring back with you?

Paris Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries
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Diana Vreeland, aka the high priestess of style, once famously replied to journalist George Plimpton’s question, "How does one become Diana Vreeland?” with the unforgettable line: “The first thing to do, my love, is to arrange to be born in Paris.”

Vreeland loved the city, its luxury and glamour, describing it as a beautiful theatre.

But to enjoy the performance, one must know where to stay...

Today Paris offers an ever changing, ever increasing choice of hotels, the culmination of talented Parisian interior designers working alongside service-savvy management. Esensual Living here talks to the style visionaries who, as well as remodelling the hospitality landscape, have offered to share with us their well-kept Parisian secrets.



Green with envy in the best possible manner, Esensual Living embraces the global stylemakers who are making waves through a sustainable, planet-friendly perspective.

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We asked them the following questions:


1. What made you become eco-conscious? 


2. How does being eco-conscious integrate into your daily life?


3. How does this influence your creations? 




Country Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

For many of us, country life is the perfect antidote to our frenetic, noisy, over-scheduled city life. In this month’s Country Issue, our Style Visionaries each harbour a deep love and affinity for the countryside and the life and style that comes with it.

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Whether building stunning country homes or living in them, our visionaries share with us how the simplicity and silence of rural living is synonymous with harmony and equilibrium, both in a personal and design sense. Think natural fibres, durable surfaces and beautiful aesthetics that work in harmony with the landscape. From quirky country town museums and grassy dunes, to muddy boots and open fires, country style is as diverse and inspiring as it is invigorating….

1. What design elements charactise your ideal country interior?

2. Should the landscape design be a natural extension of the interior decoration?

3. Country architecture varies from region to region. Which is your favourite?

4. What do like doing best when in country?

5. Which Esensual Living textiles are a must to complete your country dwelling?

Creative Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

« The urge for good design is the same as the urge to carry on living” said Harry Bertoia, the Italian born world famous artist and designer. Bertoia was also the creator of the iconic wire furniture collection for Knoll, widely recognised as one of the greatest design achievements of 20th century furniture design. Bertoia's quote is still relevant today… Design is indeed all about life. Great design has become a fundamental feature of our everyday life. But what we found out from speaking with the greatest creative minds around, was that the real motivation to create great design pieces, is all about making an impact on our lives.

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Most designers agree, that design needs to have a purpose and that design wouldn't work if it didn't fulfill a functional need. Lasting design pieces are often a combined effort of functionality and a healthy dose of aesthetics. Whether a car, a graphic design, an urban environment, a piece of furniture or a great object, design is omnipresent. At Esensual Living we are recognising how great design is impacting contemporary lifestyle. We asked this month's Style Visionaries to answer four key questions, providing access to understanding their approach to design creation. They also share with us, the decisions and challenges they face during this process.

1. What inspired you to become a designer?

2. Which object do you dream to realise?

3. Do you consider that you have a single
expression in your designs?

4. Which Esensual Living items are in line with your design ethos?

Blissful Living, Portraits of Wedding Experts

As a way to celebrate the union of ever lasting love, we decided to speak to a panel of Experts, all of whom have assisted in creating magical moments either prior to or during the Big Day.

Meet the whimsical illustrator, Florine Asch, who has contributed to many a great wedding day. Marc Auclert of Maison Auclert – the unique destination for a bespoke engagement or wedding ring creation. Rambert Rigaud, the Parisian florist who willl make the floral arrangement of the Big Day, as romantic as possible.

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And Copenhagen based Ole Yde, the creative director of his eponymous brand YDE Copenhagen, will share with you, how an ideal bride should look. Let’s not forget the importance of the honeymoon, where Pamela Fiori (also this month’s guest editor) shares her best tips with us.
Our experts also gave us their perfect wedding gift picks for the future bride and groom.....

Our editorial director, Alexandra d’Arnoux met with them all to better understand why their respective creations stand out in a sea of never-ending professional wedding planners and generic brands.

Interior Motives, Portraits of Inspirational Women

"Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” said William Morris. Wise words from a man who obviously practiced what he preached. When it comes to creating a home, comfort is key of course, as a gathering place for one’s family and friends, but personality is what sets a home apart, those decorative flourishes that lift both the eye and spirit. 

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At Esensual Living we are all about home conforts, but how di experts of design, be it architects or interior decorators, approach the look and feel of their own homes? We reached out to four female style visionaries to learn more about their personnal home aesthetics, their view on compromising on design and their crystal-ball predictions for design trends for 2015. Opening the doors of their homes this month are Sally Mackereth, Agnès Comar, Isabelle de Borchgrave and Charlotte Rey.

1. Describe your home in terms of its design mood. Do you have a favourite room?

2. Do you have a passion for anything in particular in terms of soft furnishings?

3. When it comes to co-habiting, do you find it difficult to compromise on design?

4. What, for you, will be the mood for 2015 in terms of general design trends?

5. Which design events are you most looking forward to in 2015?


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