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Alda Fendi's Rome

"A life without time, without hours or obligations; always on the cusp of a surprise."  


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André Fu’s Hong Kong

"Hong Kong never fails to reinvent itself on a daily basis."

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Summer Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

In The Summer Issue, our global style makers are enjoying a well-deserved summer break. At Esensual Living, we have followed them to the beach, their villa, their yacht and to the mountains, to capture those rare moments of peace, where one can decide to do simple things for oneself… such as emptying a linen closet.. and filling it up with cool sheets and soft towels from Esensual Living… or reading that book that has laid unopened for months… in short, purely enjoying time off the clock..

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To discover how our Style Visionaries like to unwind, we asked them three key questions: 


1. What is your favourite destination for a summer break? 


2. What are the summer Esensuals that you pack in your suitcase?


3. What is your fondest holiday memory?

British Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

“There is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere” - Vivienne Westwood

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In our fifth issue, Esensual Living explores what it is about Great Britain and its capital that continues to attract the greatest minds and talent from across the world and how its blossoming multiculturalism has added to its eclectic fusion of high and popular culture.


Francesca Mill’s London

"There’s an enormous creative energy here, which manifests itself in fashion, music and art. It’s the fact that it’s all out there, and even if you’re short of time, then a quick window shop as you’re on the way to a meeting lifts the soul!"

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Combining a love of rare objects with an immense passion for home textiles, interior designer Francesca Mills is often branded a sensual minimalist. Having trained as a sculptor with the eccentric Barry Flanagan, known for his exuberant and quirky statues of bronze hares, Mills’s unusual sense of rustic chic has made her a favourite among the hip London crowd. A true Londoner, Mills thrives on the creative energy and dizzying cultural offering that exists in the British capital. Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition are on her hit list, but when it comes to down time, she loves to relax in the Chelsea Physic Garden, one of London’s best-kept secrets. “It is a hidden away, huge-walled garden that was founded in the 1600s as a place for apprentices to study the medicinal qualities of plants. A peaceful and contemplative place to be.” In this month's City Barometer, Francesca leads us through her favourite London haunts, including its star markets and shops, and shows us how London maintains its status as the capital of trends with an energy and gravitas that other cities can only dream of.

HAINSWORTH, Symbol of Quality and Longevity

Textile manufacturer Hainsworth is the quintessential British heritage brand, family-owned with a backstory that begins in the 18th century, survives a fire, a flood, and spans seven generations.

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Liza Soughayar’s Beirut

"There is something special about Beirut that will touch you."

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Insane traffic and immense chaos create a whirlwind tempo of city life in the Lebanese capital, whilst civil war aftermath and resistance drive a life philosophy of living in the moment. Today’s buildings are layered over ancient sites and ruins from the Ottoman Empire. Vibrant street art, a beautiful light and the captivating blue Mediterranean Sea colour the city’s horizon. With an invigorating nightlife, food scene, culture and unique vibe, Beirut is a city of strong cosmopolitan contrasts and mysterious impressions.

In this fourth edition of the City Barometer we turn to local Lebanese insider Liza Soughayar to unlock the secrets and mysteries of the Lebanese capital. Passionate about local traditions, food and design, Liza brings her contemporary approach to traditional Lebanese cuisine at her restaurant, Liza, based in the second arrondissement of Paris. “We must adjust to the whirlwind tempo of the city. Despite the war, the joie de vivre of the people is contagious, along with the frenzied pace of street life it makes this city alive around the clock,” says Liza who here takes us through the invigorating streets of Beirut and shares her insights into the place she calls ‘just crazy’, ‘just amazing’… a place she will always call home. “On the surface,” she says, “Beirut is not so aesthetically appealing but when you take a deeper look you can’t help being seduced by its charm.”

Oriental Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

Esensual Living here embraces the global style-makers whose inspiration is derived from the multifaceted cultures of the Mediterranean. Born in Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkey, but also in the US, they are the architects of a new design landscape based on their own heritage or their fascination with these legendary shores.

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We asked the following four key questions:

1. How does your Oriental heritage inspire your work? How do you interpret this in your design?

2. Is there a strong contemporary current in the Middle Eastern design landscape?

3. Which Oriental personality has marked your design philosophy? And why?

4. When travelling to the Middle East, what favourite treasures do you bring back with you?

Let the Spirit of the Travelling CARAVANE Enter Your Home

Caravane is a magic name that fits a very unique brand. Since its founding in 1995 by François Dorget, Caravane has provided to lifestyle connoisseurs new and exciting treasures, melding a cosmopolitan approach of decoration to a sense of timeless elegance.

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Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean to India, Caravane combines beautiful craftsmanship with a rich and vibrant colour range. From the most delicate powder pink to Pompeii red, in fabrics such as washed velvet and linen of the Selena range, Caravane’s design brings subtle fantasy and enviable soul to a room. Accessories including tasselled cushions and linen bed covers (all available on esensualliving.com) define Caravane’s global cosmopolitan style.

Paris Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries
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Diana Vreeland, aka the high priestess of style, once famously replied to journalist George Plimpton’s question, "How does one become Diana Vreeland?” with the unforgettable line: “The first thing to do, my love, is to arrange to be born in Paris.”

Vreeland loved the city, its luxury and glamour, describing it as a beautiful theatre.

But to enjoy the performance, one must know where to stay...

Today Paris offers an ever changing, ever increasing choice of hotels, the culmination of talented Parisian interior designers working alongside service-savvy management. Esensual Living here talks to the style visionaries who, as well as remodelling the hospitality landscape, have offered to share with us their well-kept Parisian secrets.


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