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    HAINSWORTH, Symbol of Quality and Longevity

    Textile manufacturer Hainsworth is the quintessential British heritage brand, family-owned with a backstory that begins in the 18th century, survives a fire, a flood, and spans seven generations.

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    British Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

    “There is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere” - Vivienne Westwood

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    Asian Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

    Esensual Living’s September issue shines the spotlight on Asia, the multi-cultural, multi-faceted continent that has become a benchmark of intelligent, refined and innovative design. 

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    Green Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

    Our “Green Issue” style visionaries are exemplary individuals whose eco-effective design values and holistic vision span both work and lifestyle. Reflective of Esensual Living’s own “green attitude” and our resolve to support those actively involved in ethical and eco-conscious projects, widely promoting and using organic materials – for instance Lissoy, Libeco, AAVA to name a few - our styles visionaries are pioneers in their respective fields, investing in our collective future through intelligent and innovative design and ethical choices.

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    Sally Mackereth’s Norwich

    Sally Mackereth is one of London’s most inspired and sought-after architects, as well as a brilliant furniture and jewellery designer. An award-winning architect working in a private practice for over 18 years, Sally’s innate talent is her perfect and acute understanding of space, whether retail or high-end residential, down to the most minute detail.

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    Joseph Thimister’s Antwerp

    Josephus Thimister is a true melting pot when it comes to cultural heritage. Born into a family of French, Belgian and Russian descent, he started out life in Maastricht in the Netherlands. An acclaimed fashion designer, illustrator and interior decorator, Josephus was elected by American Vogue’s powerful Editor In Chief, Anna Wintour, as one of the 21st century’s most directional fashion designers. A master of many crafts, Josephus continues to surprise, suggest and push his creative boundaries…

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