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Check out our library of Q&As, including our new In Bed With and In Bath With series looking into the bedroom and bathroom habits of personalities from the design world and beyond ­— brave souls who each agreed to be photographed in not much more than bubbles and bed sheets. 

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In Bed With Jack Savoretti and Jemma Powell

For our latest ‘In Bed With’ Esensual Living hits The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, a private members club and boutique hotel boasting 15 retro-chic rooms designed by the renowned Russell Sage Studio. The Bond-evoking Seventies cool decor is a huge hit with today’s subjects, the Italian-English singer Jack Savoretti and actress Jemma Powell - together one of West London’s most beautiful couples - who are soon inspecting the room and its furnishing, browsing the book selection and opening and closing the stand-alone bar: “We should get one made!” 

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In Bed With Tyler Alexandra Ellis

The celebrated handbag designer indulges in some pilllow talk at London hotspot, The Arts Club...

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Five Minutes With Fran Hickman

"Weirdly I don’t love 'stuff', which is quite a strange thing for an interior designer. I’m not that materialistic, but I’m really particular about what I do."

— Fran Hickman  

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In Bath With
Jean-Louis Deniot

"I like bathrooms to be as least bathroom-y as possible."

— Jean-Louis Deniot  

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In Bed With

This week esensualliving.com, for the launch of its In Bed With series, indulges in some pillow talk with globetrotting husband-and-wife designer duo Haans Nicholas Mott and Anastasia Khodkina. 

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The location: a master bedroom in the Terrasse Eiffel suite of the Hotel Marignan in Paris, a chic, minimalist space giving onto a vast terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Pierre Yovanovitch was the mastermind behind the interior design of the hotel, which opened in 2012. Tucked up in their white sheets, Haans, Anastasia and their baby son Alexey are the picture of the perfect family.

Green Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

Our “Green Issue” style visionaries are exemplary individuals whose eco-effective design values and holistic vision span both work and lifestyle. Reflective of Esensual Living’s own “green attitude” and our resolve to support those actively involved in ethical and eco-conscious projects, widely promoting and using organic materials – for instance Lissoy, Libeco, AAVA to name a few - our styles visionaries are pioneers in their respective fields, investing in our collective future through intelligent and innovative design and ethical choices.

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In responding to our four questions, they share with us how their holistic creative vision has become an integral part of their design philosophy and demonstrate ways to minimise the impact that our lives have on our environment, energy resources, and our global society as a whole. From preserving tropical reefs, employing local artisans, to incorporating technology that promotes energy efficiency and zero waste, our visionaries remind us that we can all make a difference.


1. How important is it to you to combine design aesthetics and sustainability within your work?

2. When designing a project, what environmental aspects do you endeavor to incorporate and respect?

3. In what ways do you promote a more ecologically conscious way of life, both in your home and at work?

4. Do you have a personal “green” ritual? 

Urban Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

At Esensual Living, we are inspired by how architects and interior designers are innovatively redefining how we live and relate to our city lives. Big cities have evolved to become architectural and design wonders, a melding of contemporary creations and reinterpreted historical sites. From skyline apartments to old factories and warehouses converted into spacious lofts, this creative process couldn’t happen without the talent and foresight of our Style Visionaries who, forever resourceful and original, are committed to bringing a new dynamic to urban lifestyle.

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Responding to our four key questions, this month’s Style Visionaries invite us into their own city dwellings and unveil some of their exceptional realisations, demonstrating how design challenges regenerate big cities.


1. What is your design ethos for a unique urban space?

2. Do you have any preferred urban home textiles that you favour using for your residential projects?

3. What is your idea of an urban (big city) heavenly space?

4. Which part of a city’s cultural history inspires your work?

Mountain Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

At Esensual Living, we love how innovative architects and designers are creating stylish contemporary alpine interiors and hotels where the WOW factor is not just the view outside! Whether in Courchevel with Joseph Dirand's upcoming opening of l'Apogée or in St Moritz with Gilles et Boissier for Moncler's President Remo Ruffino or in Aspen with Caroline Sarkozy or in Gstaad with Thierry Lemaire - Mountain Style has taken a new direction.

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Designers are mixing contemporary design with traditional elements, creating strong, open spaces decorated with noble materials like stone, wood and metal, alongside natural fabrics such as wool, linen and cashmere. We’ve come along way from the humble ski hut but it’s not been entirely forgotten... In answering our three questions, this month’s Style Visionaries unveil their choice of Mountain Style and share their views on how it has evolved over the years towards a more understated and livable luxury.


1. Describe your ideal ski chalet or alpine interior – which architectural style or design most resonates with you?

2. Which home textiles are a must to create your perfect mountain or chalet atmosphere?

3. After an adventurous day in the snow, what are your favorite wellbeing rituals?

Gift Guide by Style Visionaries

Winter is closing in… and with it comes the perfect opportunity to share with those close to our hearts our ultimate picks of the festive season. 

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Nothing surpasses that wonderful feeling of giving a gift that hits the mark, both for the giver and receiver. As ever at Esensual Living we remain dedicated to high quality and purity as well as beautiful aesthetics and craftsmanship, choosing products that embody all that is good in the world. And the festive season is where Esensual Living comes into its own, offering a selection of highly curated products pleasing to both body and soul. Whether you are looking for something special for your devoted partner, a valued work colleague or your best friend, Esensual Living is the online retail destination to take care of it all… 

New York Living, Portraits of Style Visionaries

In this exclusive archive New York Living feature presenting portraits of New York style visionaries Esensual Living pays tribute to Vladimir Kagan, one of the greatest designers of modern times. 

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New York is vital, exciting, cosmopolitan and captivating. The city has been an inspiration for the greatest creative minds, among them artists, writers, architects and designers. It is also a strong symbol of wealth and prosperity and home to one of the world’s leading financial centres. A unique melting pot of talents, the metropolis thrives on tremendous activity and is always on the move… reaching upward, beyond its tapered tops and steel spires of its skyline, to the sky. 

In this month’s Style Visionaries column, Esensual Living taps into the city’s strong creative pulse, finding out what it is that makes this global city of culture tick. Responding to the following three key questions, our Style Visionaries discuss the magic of New York and how it remains a prodigious source of inspiration.


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