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Welcome to the beating heart of esensualliving.com where we share more about exactly what drew us to the special brands we carry. 

Surface level beauty is the antithesis of what we’re about, with heritage, craftsmanship and a love of noble materials and design perfection as much part of the picture as the final product. 

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Jardin Majorelle Collection

“Passion For Craftsmanship"

Alexandra d’Arnoux Visits Stephen di Renza, Creative Director of Jardin Majorelle, Fondation Pierre Berge – Yves Saint Laurent

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Denis Colomb Lifestyle

“Their luxury is transcendent" .....Vogue

Alexandra d'Arnoux sits down with the Los Angeles-based designer Denis Colomb to talk about preserving artisan techniques to create hand woven luxury from Nepal, what makes luxury, and the social responsibility to give back to the community.  

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«Just think Marcel Proust came here to buy his note books… » Danielle Cillien-Sabatier

Esensual Living and the Galignani Library team up to introduce a monthly’s selection of exceptional Lifestyle and Design books. Take your pick and enjoy !

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Imagine boarding the Orient Express and slipping into a bed so comfortable and soft that you never want to get out of bed…..with bedding that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Norvegr, the duvet of choice for the Orient Express and Belmond Hotels, has been perfecting the art of luxurious comfort since the 1950’s carrying on ancient Norwegian traditions stemming back to the Viking ages. 

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Marilyn Monroe might famously have slept in nothing but a dab of Chanel No. 5, but there are those of us who prefer to retire to bed in more significant attire. Take Cécile Gavazzi Daccò and Carola Botto Voli who, upon noticing that England suffered from a dearth of the kind of classic and beautifully designed nightwear that they were accustomed to finding in their native Italy decided to redress the balance. Morpho + Luna launched in London in 2014, with cornerstones of “natural fabrics, comfort and elegance,” positioned as “a brand for people who like beautiful sleepwear, something that fits into both a modern and traditional environment, that looks elegant both in a New York loft and an English country house”. 


“Our idea was to travel to places around the world and find unusual, one-of-a-kind things that came from nature and that nobody else would have,” says Jamie Creel, co-founder of Creel and Gow, a modern day cabinet of curiosities specializing in pieces that come from, or were inspired by, Mother Nature, ranging from tribal finds to silvered fruits and rock crystal spheres. In an interview in his sprawling Paris apartment, located a hop away from the Beaux-Arts, and filled with Creel and Gow treasures and antique finds, Creel talks to Esensual Living about the house’s wild and wonderful world.

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In terms of idyllic retreats of the quintessentially-British variety, Cowley Manor, a contemporary country house hotel and spa set in the heart of the Cotswolds, offers a pioneering holiday experience as both a temple to modern British design and a wellbeing haven, set within 55 acres of landscaped gardens, rolling parkland, woods and meadows. 

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GAIA&GINO, The Essence of Design

“Our products often take up to two years to make. It is a collaborative process with designers where we share ideas and stories,” says Gaye Cevikel, the indomitable founder of GAIA&GINO.

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When it comes to home comforts, no country dwelling would be complete sans fresh, natural linens for the bed, bath and dining rooms—the way it used to be. The go-to fibre for centuries, as one of the world’s oldest fabrics, linen’s key characteristics include breathability, durability, insulation and softness, not forgetting its anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing properties, which all aid a good night’s sleep. With its luminous, light-reflecting qualities, a great linen bed set can transform a bedroom.

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LISSOY, Functional Yet Ultra Elegant Bed Linens

Intelligent inventions often evolve from attempts to solve everyday challenges. Take for instance French textile brand Lissoy’s Easyclip duvet cover, an innovative product, which offers a practical solution to a stylish and unique product, and in doing so, marks the end of battling with duvets and duvet covers forever…

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