In Bed With Jack Savoretti and Jemma Powell
In Bed With Jack Savoretti and Jemma Powell

For our latest ‘In Bed With’ Esensual Living hits The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, a private members club and boutique hotel boasting 15 retro-chic rooms designed by the renowned Russell Sage Studio. The Bond-evoking Seventies cool decor is a huge hit with today’s subjects, the Italian-English singer Jack Savoretti and actress Jemma Powell - together one of West London’s most beautiful couples - who are soon inspecting the room and its furnishing, browsing the book selection and opening and closing the stand-alone bar: “We should get one made!” 

Fresh from his sell-out Written in Scars tour, which followed the release of the same-name album, Jack, who has taken charge of making everyone coffee, sips an espresso as he recalls his career beginnings. “I was so naïve. I made a demo, and made about eight copies and sent them out to all the major labels I found listed in the phonebook – obviously I heard nothing back!” It didn’t take too long to get a foot in the door, and the rest, as they say, is history: now signed to BMG, Written in Scars is his fourth album, and his fan base spans generations and nationalities – despite never having had a hit song, per se. “From the very beginning at our shows, no one has called out for the same songs. From an artistic point of view, it’s the best compliment you can get. It means the appeal is vast.” Jemma smiles: “Jack has hit albums,” she comments proudly.

For her part, “Jemma comes from a family of actors and producers,” explains Jack, mentioning her uncle, Nik Powell, who produced a number of films, including The Crying Game. “And my Great Uncle was in all of Hitchcock’s films,” continues Jemma. “I’ve got all these photo albums of him with Audrey Hepburn and Laurence Olivier – I was always fascinated by that world.” She attended the Oxford School of Drama, and complemented her initial earnings by setting up a fairy school, which has become a successful children’s party business, ‘Jem’s Fairies’. It now employs a succession of burgeoning actresses - “Everyone is always broke and out of work at the beginning” - as her own career gains pace: film credits include Francois Ozon’s Angel and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, as well as a slew of British television dramas.

Design is very much on Jack and Jemma’s minds at the moment, for come January the rural dream is taking the family – which includes 4-year-old Connie, 9-month-old Winter, and Maggie the Cockapoo – to Oxfordshire, where “We’re hoping do a barn conversion.” Meanwhile Jack has got more tour dates lined up in February, and Jemma has just started auditioning again following Winter’s birth.

in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell
The reception area at The Hospital Club
Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness
in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell
A wall of trunks at The Hospital Club
Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness


ESENSUAL LIVING: How would you describe your interior design aesthetics?

JACK SAVORETTI: Luckily we have the same taste! I look to the French and the Scandinavians, and I say that, as an Italian, with a broken heart… Our style is quite bohemian in some ways, most of the pots and bowls in the house have been made by Jemma. 

JEMMA POWELL: I love making pots – it’s like my yoga. And then we have things that we’ve found on Portobello or Golborne Road, and we used to go to Kempton Market a lot – but we like urban too. 

EL: What for you are the essential components of a bedroom?

JACK: A bed? And calm. It’s our favourite room in the house. The rest of it can be quite hectic, you know with children, but the bedroom is calm.

JEMMA: I always try and put all the clothes away, or else I cover them with a white throw, just so you can get into the bedroom, close the door, turn off the phones, and just pause.

EL: Sheet colour?

BOTH: White, always.

EL: Sheets or duvet?

BOTH: A duvet – and a blanket, we have a pale blue cashmere throw.

EL: Who makes the bed every day?

JACK:  Jemma! It wasn’t always that way – for the first five years I did it, we were living at my place, and I was so house proud, for the last five years Jemma has done it. Since having kids I’ve become more relaxed, and Jemma has become - less relaxed!

JEMMA: I have to be on top of everything! With young children, you never know what is going to happen. You have to be ready!

EL: How did you both meet?

BOTH: It was at Amelia Warner’s birthday party...

JEMMA: And I was talking to Jack’s sister, and I pointed Jack out, “There’s a guy there who’s really hot!” and Beatrice told me he was her brother…

JACK: I was leaving, until Beatrice told me what Jemma had said. Then I stayed for one more drink…

EL: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve each done for each other?

JEMMA: Jack’s very romantic. I’m not very romantic.

JACK: [Laughing.] You’re very British, I’ll give you that!

JEMMA: He proposed. We had broken up for three or four months, we weren’t talking – I hated him – and he asked me to meet him at the Serpentine…

JACK: I guess the most romantic thing you’ve done is accept my proposal.




Eva Robe


Eva Robe

Diffuser SKOG


Diffuser SKOG


EL: What do you each have beside your bed?

JACK: I have lots of books that I’ve never read – history books that I can grab and open and anywhere will be interesting.

JEMMA: I have an antique lamp, a picture of me and Jack, and a baby-bottle warmer.

EL: Jack, you’re on tour a lot – what makes or breaks a hotel room for you?

JACK: Cleanliness. And it’s good if the bathroom was done in the last few years, rather than the last century… And it needs CNN.

EL: And Jemma, if you’re there too?

JEMMA: The products in the bathroom. And the bed and pillows.

EL: Do you have anything special that you like to take with you?

JACK: I have scented candles on the tour bus – everyone makes fun of me – and I have a beautiful alpaca poncho from Chile that I live in when I’m on tour, I have it on my bunk as a sort of rug. When I go to bed at night, my bunk doesn’t look like a tour bus bunk, it looks like a cowboy bunk and I love that.

EL: Do you compose in bed? Or ever play the guitar in bed?

JACK: I do sometimes write in bed. And just before going to bed is the finest hour for coming up with ideas.

EL: What do you wear in bed?

JEMMA: I like wearing white, but I don’t always – I wear shirts. Big shirts. And I love cashmere socks.

JACK: Pyjama bottoms and an old t-shirt.

EL: What do you each think are the worst habits that someone can have in bed?

JEMMA: Snoring.

JACK: Jemma has an amazing ability to sleep in a C-shape, and so takes up so much room.

EL: And the best?

JEMMA: We have some of our best chats in bed. And I loved it when Jack used to eat apples and read in bed at night. The sound of it, the pages turning, and the crunching, it used to send me to sleep. 

EL: And when it comes to getting out of bed, do you get up quickly in the morning, or lounge around drinking coffee?

JACK: Jemma’s up like a rocket. But I lounge around at home, because when I’m not home the calls are always really early. All the promo stuff – calls, television, radio – it’s always in the morning, flights are always in the morning. When I get home I don’t want to get up.

EL: And what is your Christmas morning routine?

JEMMA: We wake up and go downstairs to see if Father Christmas left us any stockings by the fire… or under our bed. We also check to see if he ate his mince pie and drank his brandy and gave Rudolph his carrot! Then we all pile back into bed to open our stockings.

in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell
The hotel's Bond-evoking Seventies decor
The Hospital Club
in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell in-bed-with-jack-savoretti-and-jemma-powell
A suite at The Hospital Club
The Hospital Club

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