Alexandre Turpault

Essential Hand Towel

Organic Egyptian cotton towel . Matching Bathmat and Bathrobe are also available.

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Organic Egyptian cotton towel . Matching Bathmat and Bathrobe are also available.



Material: Organic Long Fibre Combed Cotton


Founded in 1847 in a region of France known for its rich savoir faire in home textiles, Alexandre Turpault has become the epitomy of French elegance. Recognition came in 1889 when Alexandre Turpault won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition for the fine quality of its linen cloth, a position the brand has held ever since. In the 1930’s, the Alexandre Turpault purveyed damask tablecloths for the sumptuous dining rooms of the famed cruise ship ‘ le Normandie’. Among its offerings today the brand counts a luxurious organic towel range and uniquely crafted bed linens that cater to the demands of a contemporary and refined lifestyle. Alexandre Turpault’s linens bear the prestigious ‘Masters of Linen’ trademark, true testimony to its unerring quality.

  • Colour :  Graphite Grey
  • Size :  60x100

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